The fault in our stars

I just finished reading it and this is what I have to say; (WARNING:SPOILERS)

It is truly a beautiful story full of reality. It didn’t sit there and say how much hope she had and wanting to live out the last day of her life like all the cancer stories say. Instead it stated that she knew that her end was soon and she was okay with it, she didn’t seek pity, she didn’t seek attention and she didn’t seek to live a mark in this world.

I love that point about this book. To live a full life, you do not have to leave a mark in everyone. Just the people around you. You don’t need to be on the front cover of some magazine to have fulfilled a life.

I was completely surprised when Augustus died first. I had no idea about any of the story and thought Hazel would die first. I also didn’t expect Peter Van Houghten to be such an ass hole. I thought that he was going to old and not fully tell them about the book but not be so cold. I love how Hazel didn’t get offended also, she was there to learn her information. 

Another thing I liked. After Augustus died she no longer cared about the true ending of the book. She cared about Augustus’s epilogue, she didn’t need to fulfill that hole because it didn’t matter anymore. Also saying that Amsterdam wasn’t a waste of time because she enjoyed herself even though it wasn’t what she expected. Lots of maturity there.

This book is an excellent read and not like any of the other fictions teens are reading these days. I have not seen anything like this before and it really changed my point of view about cancer patients.   




These three ladies are an absolute work of art. Like a live action painting.

A trio of sunrises that were put on to this world to make us happy whenever we take the time to stop and take them in.

And I’m not just talking about exterior beauty here. These girls had the talent of…